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About me 

Before training to become a counsellor, I worked for over 20 years in secondary education as a Psychology & Sociology teacher and senior leader. I have always loved being able to support people with their own personal growth and development, so the move to counselling felt natural in many ways. Not wishing to leave education entirely, I currently work part-time as Careers Advisor in a sixth form college and as a private tutor for A Level Psychology & Sociology.


During my training I worked as a counsellor in a sixth form college and for an agency supporting people with problem gambling and addiction. I now work with clients experiencing a whole range of mental health difficulties.

At the heart of my approach to counselling is the belief that everyone has the ability to positively change their own experience of life. My role is to help clients unlock the potential they already possess. With warmth, empathy and without judgement, I provide a safe space for people to explore their current issues and develop the self-awareness required to help make positive changes.

I work face-to-face with clients from lovely rooms in both Winchester and Eastleigh.

Andy Wareham, Silver Seas Counselling

"One should never feel too old to learn or to ask for help.  Andy helped me to identify and resolve relationship difficulties in several areas of my life.  In particular those instances where I should not take on the problems of others.  Being able to identify stressful situations and resolve how to reduce the personal anxieties that arose for me, has been immensely useful."


                                                  Client, 79

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